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The Art of  Fashion Draping Classes in Bedford-Stuyvesant

4 Sessions - 2 hours Offered once a Week
Tools and Muslin Included;  Homework assignments required.
Course Fee $250.00 

The Art of Draping is created by working out ideas directly onto the Dress form either on muslin or the fabric of choice the designer wishes to develop their garment creating a 3-dimensional silhouette that flows as imagined!

In this course, students begin by learning the Basic principles of Draping starting with preparation of the Dress form and Fabric.  We will be using muslin fabric to create the different designs.  Students will learn how to measure the mannequin correctly and apply style lines

Then students learn how to "drape" by shaping the fabric on the dress from creating the Basic Silhouette of the Front and Back Bodice with darts, the Torso Bodice with Princess Seam Darts which forms Dresses and Jackets, the Sleeve which is drafted directly on the muslin through flat patternmaking not draped, Dart Manipulation Variations, and the Straight Skirt and Circular Skirt forming drapes, as we smooth out the fabric, pin and cut directly on the dress form into the Art of Draping. Students have the use of choosing between four different Dress forms in class to create the silhouettes. 

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