Soul Collections LLC, The Sewing Lounge in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Stacey F.
Loved my Beginner Sewing class! Shannon is patient and a great teacher. Looking forward to starting the Intermediate class and starting on some projects at home as well. Can't wait to wear my skirt! Shannon, you rock!!!


This may sound cliche, but words cannot truly express how amazing Shannon is. She is truly passionate about her craft and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of her class. I had no idea what to expect when signing up for these classes and now I know my way around a sewing machine. Shannon was very patient with me when I was not patient with myself. She definitely helped me realize how creative I can become if I continue to practice and remain patient. Thank you Shannon! Your are the BEST!!!

Jasmyn B

This class is awesome. I can not even call myself a beginner, because I did not know the first thing about sewing. Shannon is not only patient but she has the ability to teach on all levels. The class is engaging and interactive. Shannon takes the time to ensure the environment is rich for learning and fun. She is both prompt and always professional. I can't wait until the next class begins...thank you Shannon for building my confidence...

GAAL Thomas

Loved the course; loved Shannon. Shannon was so personable yet so professional. She was very patient; never exhibited frustration. As many times as I needed assistance, she provided it. Always provided encouragement; wanted everyone to feel successful. Small classes and comfortable environment were a plus. Never a lull; she was always prepared. Can't wait to start next class. Thank you!


Im so happy I signed up to take classes with Soul Collections!! I�ve
learned a lot and I can�t wait for the next session to start. Shannon is not
only a great teacher, but she is very patient and understanding. As a beginner I felt scared and unsure about what I was doing but as the days went by in class, I felt relieved that my dream wasn�t so far fetched. Thank you Shannon for believing in me!!!

Camilla L.

Once again, I must say Shannon is one of the most patient and hands
on Instructor I have ever met. She often guided you along the way. She shows you the right ways to sew and takes her time to show you and makes you understand sewing is fun; not a job. I am hoping to be like Krystal and move forward into FIT.


Shannon Green is an amazing teacher. She is clear, supportive, and
helps the student realize his/her potential. I got over being afraid of the
sewing machine and sewedi a skirt that my 19 year daughter ii

Henry B

like so many others here, i have had the best of experiences studying
and working with Ms. Shannon Green, not only is she dedicated to helping all her students grasp the concepts of each course, she is also very encouraging and takes an active interest in their future progression and development for the long run, i remember when i first started men's pattern making with her, i was a bit apprehensive because i didn't think i would be able to do it, but she quickly dispelled any doubts i had in myself and inspired me to keep going. thank you so much Shannon.

Camilla Chambers

Ms. Green is an excellent teacher. What can I say! She is very hands on with you and takes her time out to show you directly and won't stop showing until you completely understand. She is very devoted to all her students and their process with their new-found hobby/career. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have continued! I don't know her and I am gonna go ahead and take all her courses!

Mary Rubi
Queens, NY

I have been taking classes with Ms. Shannon Green for a year now, and
I highly recommend her to anybody that is interested in sewing! Shannon is an extremely patient teacher, and is a very knowledgeable seamstress and
patternmaker. I am so glad that I found such a lovely teacher! Her classes are great and very small so all the students get lots of attention. I have learned so much in the past year and I am looking forward to continue taking classes at Soul Collections!


"Over the summer I took a beginner's sewing class at Soul Collections in Brooklyn. Shannon, the founder is a very good teacher and she'll spend some 101 time with you if needed. Her prices are great too! I learned how to apply various types of zippers, make French Seams and use the right presser foot for topstitch, which came really handy when I made curtains and hemmed my jeans. Yay! I'm really considering taking the advanced classes."

Corrine May

"Hi Shannon! I love your class! I came home and immediately sat down for an hour and a half and sewed around 5 yards worth of repairs on my 17 year old son's, ancient comforter. He has asked me to get it fixed for years. Literally. I was thrilled. He came in and I told him to go look on his bed and he said, My comforter? In an anxious voice. He was thrilled. He begged me to restore it for so long, but it would have cost a hundred bucks to put a comforter back together again. He got it back, today. THANKS to YOU! Thanks again, Corinne"


"Hi Shannon, I will see you the next session when I sign up in January. Thanks for inspiring me to get back into sewing! Happy Holidays!"

Eugenia F. Escudero
Ozone Park

"Great! This is exactly the experience that I was looking for!"

Bronx New York

"uncle Sam please hurry with my tax return, I need to enroll in Soul Collections. so many things I need to learn so I can get out of this dead end Job I hate."

New York

"I am currently taking intermediate sewing, this is my second class with soul collections and Im enjoying every minute. I am learning so much and I can't wait to learn more. Ms. Green is a wonderful instructor and she is always there to help you along! :)"

Krystle Harrington
Brooklyn, NY

"Shannon is an amazing teacher - extremely friendly, very patient and encouraging. I'm just starting my aspirations into a fashion design career after a career in a completely different field and she made me feel that I could definitely make it happen! I've also gotten an incredibly thorough introduction into sewing and can't wait to take more courses @ Soul Collections with her!"