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Soul Collection’s Sewing Lounge

Kids Sewing Kits, Subscription Boxes

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Sewing Kits make the Best Sewing Gifts! 

Soul Collection’s Creative Sewing Kits range from Beginners to Advanced Sewing Projects for kids ages 7 to and up!

 The majority of these projects are recommended to be sewn with a sewing machine with basic skills of sewing, with the Exception of the Felt Sewing Kits are all to be Hand-Sewn, however, not to worry if you don’t have a sewing machine for all non-felt sewing projects. Your child can also complete these sewing projects with some basic Hand-sewing skills, which of course will take longer but they will still have nice project they made on their own!

Choose your Sewing Kit Subscriptions or Choose your Sewing Kit for a 1 time purchase.  Each Sewing Kit includes everything you need to make your sewing project such as pre-cut fabric pieces, pins, needle, thread, polyfill, instructions and notions as required for each sewing project and all the extra decorative specialties (depending on your selected) to bring your crafting fun to life!  

*Fruit Stuffie Sewing Kit comes with 2 Fabric Fruits your child can make; Apple, Blueberry, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, choose 2 or 2 random will be sent*

Sewing not only increases brain cells towards creativity, but also helps with eye, hand and foot coordination. Kids will be learning a life skill working with their hands, learning problem solving skills and following instructions while creating fun projects that they made themselves. I can't wait for your kids to open their boxes of Sewing Fun and learn how make these fun sewing projects! Happy Sewing!

 Choose your Sewing Kit or Sewing Subscription and place your order ahead to receive for the Holidays.